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Last updated: July 11, 2019

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Legal Daily Fantasy Sports sites in the US 2019

Watching sports just got a whole lot more interesting with fantasy sports USA. You get the chance to create your very own fantasy team of real players. If you come out on top, you win real cash prizes online!

Fantasy sports sites bring an entirely new element to following your favorite sports. You and your friends can compete to create the best all-star team of players. Sports fans and gambling enthusiasts get the best of both worlds with fantasy sports sites.

You can play daily fantasy leagues for quick competitions. Bet on fantasy sports for the season to see if your team becomes the champion! Best of all, you can win real cash playing fantasy sports USA. It’s fun and rewarding!

You can download fantasy sports apps on your phone and create your very own teams. If you build the best team, you win real money. Go up against your friends to try to become the champion!

New to fantasy sports sites? We’ve got all you need to know to start betting at the best fantasy sports sites in the United States. Continue reading to find out where to play and how to win fantasy sports.

Where Can I Play Daily Fantasy Sports USA?

Looking to place bets on legal fantasy sports sites and don’t know where to begin? We’ve put together a list of the best fantasy sports USA sites. You can enjoy these fantasy sports apps and create your own imaginary sports teams using the best players in the league. Find out what each app has to offer, what kind of bonuses you get for joining, and whether or not you can play against your friends.

Draft Kings Fantasy Sports

Which kinds of fantasy sports does Draft Kings offer?

At Draft Kings fantasy sports sites, you can create teams for golf, MLB, NBA, Nascar, NHL, NFL, MMA, tennis, soccer, CFL, esports, WNBA, Euroleague, CFB, and CBB.

What do I get for joining Draft Kings?

You get free entry to a daily fantasy sports contest with your first deposit of $5 or more.

Can I play with my friends?

Yes, Draft Kings has features that let you compete with friends in daily and traditional fantasy sports.

Can I play from my mobile device?

Yes, Draft Kings hosts a downloadable app for iOS and Android devices.


Fan Duel Fantasy Sports

Which kinds of fantasy sports does FanDuel offer?

At FanDuel Fantasy Sports, you can create teams for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, soccer, WNBA, and golf.

Can I play against my friends?

FanDuel Fantasy Sports has a special FanDuel Friends Mode ideal for competing against your friends every week in fantasy sports. You can even taunt your friends or share the excitement of winning using the in-app chat feature.

What do I get for joining FanDuel Fantasy Sports?

First time bettors get a $5 bonus after making their first deposit at FanDuel. FanDuel also hosts special promotions on a particular sport. For example, the Home Run Challenge lets members create a 3-man team and only home runs count.

Can I play from my mobile device?

Yes, FanDuel Fantasy Sports hosts fantasy sports and sportsbook apps for iOS and Android devices.


Fantasy Draft Sports

Which kinds of fantasy sports does Fantasy Draft Sports offer?

At Fantasy Draft Sports, you can win cash prizes creating sports teams from the NFL, NBA, PGA, NHL, and MLB.

What do I get for joining Fantasy Draft Sports?

Fantasy Draft hosts ongoing promotions for new users. When you deposit a minimum of $10, Fantasy Draft will reward you an additional $4 to use toward MLB and PGA fantasy league.

Can I play with my friends?

The head-to-head contest lets players go up against friends (or pick one in the lobby) to bet on a one-on-one competition. 100% of the entry fees go to the winner.

Can I play from my mobile device?

Fantasy Draft Sports hosts a user-friendly app available for download at the App Store or Google Play.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are fantasy sports?chevron

Some may call it rotisserie while others may say roto, but whatever you prefer, fantasy sports refers to a type of online game in which participants create their own imaginary teams of real players in a professional sport.

What are daily fantasy sports versus traditional fantasy sports?chevron

Daily fantasy sports and traditional fantasy sports both stand out as two of the most popular versions. Traditional versions usually last several months over the course of a sports season. Meanwhile, daily contests are much faster and usually last for 24 hours. In some cases when games take several days, daily fantasy sports could last up to four days.

What happens if one of my players gets traded?chevron

Sometimes during a season one of your players may get traded to another team. If a selected player gets traded, you will need to replace that player or settle for receiving a zero for that traded player.

Can I play fantasy sports sites with my friends?chevron

Online gamblers and sports fans love the chance to play against their friends. Most sites let you select your opponents right from your homepage or account. You can go up against your friends and see who really knows the most about your favorite sports and players.

What happens if a game or match gets canceled or postponed?chevron

This depends on the fantasy sports site and the league of the sport. In some cases, like the National Football League (NFL), players may receive points for all postponed games played Wednesday and earlier. When it comes to Major League Baseball (MLB), players receive points if the game is postponed to later in the day. If a game gets canceled, usually the fantasy sports site will cancel the contest and give players a refund.