A Complete Overview of Online Gambling in Georgia

Georgia is one of the most restrictive states when it comes to gambling. Until as recently as 1992, when voters approved the creation of the Georgia Lottery, all gambling outside of charities was illegal. The lottery was hugely successful and it now also operates online.

However, beyond the state lottery, gambling options in Georgia are extremely limited. There are no casinos, no bingo parlors, no poker rooms, and no racetracks. The only option is to go to either of the two Cherokee casinos in the North Carolina Appalachian Mountains or to drive to Mississippi or Florida. There is also a cruise ship that operates from an Atlantic Ocean port and casino games are available once the ship reaches international waters.

Georgia Gambling Overview:

  • Year Georgia regulated offline and online gambling: Bingo (1976), Lottery (1992), Video Lottery (2013)
  • Georgia gambling age: 18 for lottery and bingo, no minimum age for video lottery
  • Legal online casino games in Georgia: 0
  • Number of commercial casinos: 0
  • Number of tribal casinos: 0
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Gambling in Georgia: What’s Legal?

Georgia is not a gambling friendly state and all forms of gambling are heavily restricted. Residents are able to play the state lottery, which is hugely popular, and charity bingo games and poker leagues with no player buy-ins are also permitted. However, there are no casinos in the state. Residents will either have to cross state borders or go on a casino cruise to international waters.

Technically speaking online casinos and online poker are not specifically banned, but online gambling is assumed to come under the wide anti-gambling remit of the state. However, there is a glimmer of hope for the future. In 2012, the senate narrowly voted to establish a casino that would pay for education. The bill was not signed in the end, but there is a chance that it could resurface in the coming years.

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Online Casinos in Georgia: What You Should Know

As one of the most restrictive states in regards to gambling, there is no legal form of online gambling in Georgia. This includes online casinos, fantasy sports, e-sports, online bingo and online poker. Those wishing to gamble online can only do so legally by going elsewhere.

Are Georgia Online Casinos Legal for Non-Georgia Residents?

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What types of games do Georgia online casinos have available?

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Can I play online casino in Georgia if I don’t live there?

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Do offshore online casinos operate in Georgia?

  • There are offshore casinos available in every state. However, in states where online gambling is illegal, such as Georgia, it is against the law to play at them. Furthermore, many offshore casinos are poorly regulated and they may not be safe or fair.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino in Georgia

Those in Georgia who are looking to play online will have to travel in order to do so legally. At present, online gambling is allowed in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. Online gambling will be launched in Pennsylvania in 2019 and there is a chance of more states legalizing it in the near future.

The Bottom Line on Georgia Online Gambling

Unfortunately, Georgia is a poor choice for gamblers. Not only is online gambling illegal within the state, it is also extremely restrictive when it comes to land based gambling. With the exception of the state lottery, the only option is a casino cruise.