A Complete Overview of Online Gambling on Hawaii

If you are interested in gambling then Hawaii is not the state for you. There are no casinos and no form of gambling is allowed. The state does not even allow bingo games for charitable purposes. Hawaii became a state in 1959 and gambling has been illegal ever since. Before the state was formed there was a horseracing scene, but since then, all efforts to legalize gambling have failed. The only gambling allowed is social poker games between residents, but even these are subject to strict rules.

Hawaii Gambling Overview:

  • Year Hawaii regulated offline and online gambling: 1959
  • Hawaii gambling age: Not legal at any age
  • Legal online casino games in Hawaii: 0
  • Number of commercial casinos: 0
  • Number of tribal casinos: 0
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Gambling in Hawaii: What’s Legal?

Hardly any form of gambling is legal in Hawaii. Almost everything has been made explicitly illegal including online casinos, online poker, online bingo, daily fantasy sports, casinos, bingo halls, card rooms, horse and greyhound racing, and so on. Promoting gambling in the first degree and possession of gambling records are both Class C felonies in Hawaii and the law defines gambling as a person staking or risking something of value upon a game of chance or upon any future contingent event not under the person’s control. Any material degree of chance is considered a wager under state law.

The only form of gambling that is legal is social poker games. However, there are strict rules surrounding them. No profit can be taken by the house or an individual organizer, and this extends to profiting by selling food or drink, as a result, there are not even pub poker leagues.

Online Casinos in Hawaii: What You Should Know

If you are looking to play at online casinos then you should stay away from Hawaii. The casino has explicitly banned all forms of online and land gambling. Those who live in Hawaii and do want to gamble can only do so legally by travelling elsewhere. In terms of distance, the nearest legal casino is in California. However, it is more common for people to fly to Las Vegas for a casino experience.

Are Hawaii Online Casinos Legal for Non-Hawaii Residents?

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What types of games do Hawaii online casinos have available?

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Can I play online casino in Hawaii if I don’t live there?

  • N/A

Do offshore online casinos operate in Hawaii?

  • There are offshore casinos available in every state. However, in states where online gambling is illegal, such as Hawaii, it is against the law to play at them. In fact, Hawaii is one of the few states to have made playing at such casinos explicitly illegal. It is also important to remember that many offshore casinos are laxly regulated and may not be safe or fair.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino in Hawaii

If you live in Hawaii and you want to play at an online casino then the only way you can do so legally is to go on holiday to a place where it is allowed. In terms of distance, the closest place is Nevada, where there are numerous online casinos. It is even legal to register at these casinos and place funds in your account before travelling to Nevada so that you can start to play from the moment you arrive.

The Bottom Line on Hawaii Online Gambling

Hawaii is possibly the worst of all states in terms of gambling. Every form of gambling has been made illegal and all efforts to change this have failed at a very early stage. At present, there is no sign of this changing so anyone who based in Hawaii and wishes to gamble will have to go elsewhere.