A Complete Overview of Online Gambling in Montana

Montana’s history with gambling starts in the 19th century, before its constitution was written and it’s been a constant on-off attitude variance since then. Lotteries were rampant and corrupt, so the new constitution banned all forms of gambling. In 1937, the first step was made and table games were legalized at the discretion of the counties. In 1945, the government legalized slot machines to tax them, but later backpedaled and declared them illegal. Later in 1973, Montana allowed bingo and raffles for charity purposes and seven years later declared video poker machines to be illegal. In 1985, a bill brought these machines back and allowed bars to have five of them at any time, expanding this to 20 per establishment later.

Montana is quite an interesting state to analyze when it comes to gambling. The state is an epitome of what you would call ‘the Wild West’, as there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of places to gamble. This is due to its unique history and attitude towards certain types of gambling. Montana has developed offline gambling fairly well. They currently allow live poker in licensed bars, so you’ll find a poker table in almost every bar in the state. Also, they allow bars to have video lottery machines that may run video poker or keno with a maximum bet of $2 and a maximum win of $800.

The Montana State Lottery keeps over a quarter of the profits and will only pay out on a pari-mutuel basis, which means the prize is directly affected by how many tickets were sold. Montanans get to enjoy live horse racing and off-track betting as well, and social gambling is fully legal as long as nobody is raking the pot or profiting from hosting the games. There are seven tribal casinos in the state, but table games aren’t allowed so the managers have to find new and inventive ways to entertain patrons. They even made daily fantasy sports legal under their own Lottery system!

However, for all of these nice things, there has to be a counterweight. Online gambling has been explicitly banned by a 2008 statute amendment, and the state penalizes both owners and gamblers at online casinos. Montana has taken one of the most hardliner attitudes towards gambling today.

Montana Gambling Overview:

  • Year Montana regulated offline and online gambling: 1937 for offline gambling, 2005 for online gambling
  • Montana gambling age: 18, but most establishments require 21
  • Legal online casino games in Montana: N/A
  • Number of commercial casinos: Hundreds
  • Number of tribal casinos: 7
  • Top online casinos Montana-wide: N/A

Gambling in Montana: What’s Legal?

Montana has legalized almost all forms of gambling and they are working on the ones they’ve missed. For example, the state is exempt from the federal law prohibiting sports betting and in late March of 2019 moved to legalize this type of gambling. The result is not yet known but the bill has passed through committee.

They have tribal casinos you can enjoy at your leisure, as well as hundreds of tiny casinos all over the state. Horse racing, off-track betting on races and even simulcast betting are all legal in Montana. Online gambling of any kind is highly illegal and prosecuted, with the exception of daily fantasy sports which are regulated and implemented into the State Lottery. Finally, the state banned smoking indoors in 2009 but tribal casinos aren’t obligated to observe this ban.

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Online Casinos in Montana: What You Should Know

Online casinos are illegal in Montana and if you gamble at any of them, their legal system will almost certainly be aware of it. They introduced a law in 2005 specifically banning any sort of online gambling, including online poker. It’s recommended that you enjoy one of the hundreds of gaming locations in the state, but if you want to gamble online, you’ll have to travel to a different state.

Are Montana Online Casinos Legal for Non-Montana Residents?

  • N/A

What types of games do Montana online casinos have available?

  • N/A

Can I play online casino in Montana if I don’t live there?

  • N/A

Do offshore online casinos operate in Montana?

  • No. Montana banned all online casinos from offering services in their state.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino in Montana

Online casinos are banned in Montana, but almost all other gambling is legalized and regulated. If you want to gamble online, you’ll have to fly across the country to Pennsylvania, Delaware or New Jersey.

The Bottom Line on Montana Online Gambling

You may see Montana as a backwards state when it comes to online gambling, but definitely not when gambling altogether is concerned. This state has integrated gambling into its way of life and that’s a great sign that sooner or later, The Treasure State will repeal its law and accept online gambling as a source of new revenue. Until then, feel free to enjoy Montana gambling at one of the hundreds of locations!