A Complete Overview of Online Gambling in North Dakota

For a state with a tiny population, North Dakota is no stranger to gambling. While they may be seen as conservative today because they haven’t legalized online casinos, they’ve surprisingly done pretty well since the 90s, introducing various types of gambling. This state has a rich horse racing history as well, even if betting on the races only became legal recently. Let’s go through their history.

In 1976, North Dakota allowed charities to conduct bingo and raffle games with a special bill. It took 11 years for pari-mutuel betting to be allowed but still under the control of charities. Then, in 1992, suddenly North Dakota opened up and allowed the Five Tribes to build casinos on their land. This resulted in an astounding 10 tribal casinos opening up in the next few years, which is a ton when you look at their population numbers. In 1999, the North Dakota government negotiated with the tribes again and extended their permit to build and expand for 10 more years.

Later in 2002, the Roughrider state introduced an amendment into its constitution to allow a lottery to be formed, but here’s where it gets weird – they don’t have their own state lottery drawings, only selling out-of-state tickets and they’re one of the few states that don’t sell scratch-off tickets either. In 2005, an overzealous representative introduced a bill that would have legalized online poker in the state, but it completely failed. Finally, in 2013 the state allowed the tribal casinos to work continuously in the years to come.

There’s one thing that people forget about North Dakotan gambling – you can play blackjack almost anywhere. Every bar has at least one table and they’re all run in charitable purposes. Therefore, the bets are kept small. Also, social gambling is legal as long as the maximum bet doesn’t exceed $25 and nobody profits from hosting the game or raking the pot.

With all this being said, online gambling is still very much illegal in North Dakota. Their laws claim it’s illegal because of the specific language used in the legislature and even though this state has one of the shortest gambling laws in the USA, it’s one of the vaguest as well. The one exception is daily fantasy sports, which are considered legal by the largest DFS companies and North Dakotan officials haven’t stated otherwise for years.

North Dakota Gambling Overview:

  • Year North Dakota regulated offline and online gambling: 1992 for offline gambling, online gambling remains unregulated but illegal.
  • North Dakota gambling age: 21 for casinos and off-track betting, 18 for lottery and racing
  • Legal online casino games in North Dakota: N/A
  • Number of commercial casinos: 0
  • Number of tribal casinos: 10
  • Top online casinos North Dakota-wide:

Gambling in North Dakota: What’s Legal?

There are quite a few sorts of gambling legal in the Roughrider state. The first thing you’ll notice is the hundreds, maybe even thousands of blackjack tables all over the state, in every bar and major entertainment establishment. Also, the two racetracks operating in this state allow pari-mutuel off-track betting which can take place over the internet. You can participate in the out-of-state lotteries, you can play bingo at any of the bingo halls or you can enjoy one of their 10 tribal casinos. Online gambling of any type is illegal but there haven’t been any prosecutions since the state can’t afford to waste money on big gambling busts. If you’re heading up to North Dakota, try these tribal casinos!

Name Address Opening hours Games Dress code Phone number Website
Dakota Magic Casino – Hankinson 16849 102nd St. SE, Hankinson 24/7


900 slot machines, table games N/A +1 800 325 6825 www.dakotamagic.com
Prairie Knights Casino – Fort Yates 7932 ND-24, Fort Yates 24/7 725 slot machines N/A +1 800-425-8277 prairieknights.com

Online Casinos in North Dakota: What You Should Know

There are no online casinos in North Dakota, but they have plenty of weird rules for their offline gambling. These rules are based on maximum bets and game returns. The most you can bet on a slot machine is $25; $60 for craps and roulette (casinos can offer double odds on crap line bets at their own discretion) and $100 for blackjack. Two tables in North Dakota are allowed to bet $250 per hand, but that’s it. Also, the highest return allowed on games is 100% and the lowest return on slot machines is at least 80%. Video poker games have to return at least 83% of their winnings.

Are North Dakota Online Casinos Legal for Non-ND Residents?

  • There are no North Dakota online casinos.

What types of games do North Dakota online casinos have available?

  • N/A

Can I play online casino in North Dakota if I don’t live there?

  • N/A

Do offshore online casinos operate in North Dakota?

  • Yes they do, but it is illegal to access them.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino in North Dakota

The only online option you have in North Dakota when it comes to gambling is pari-mutuel wagering on horse races. There are two horse tracks in the state. Otherwise, you’ll want to either go to a tribal casino or visit some of the states with more relaxed online casino laws such as Pennsylvania or New Jersey.

The Bottom Line on North Dakota Online Gambling

While North Dakota doesn’t allow online gambling, that may change in the future as this state has been traditionally progressive when it comes to gambling laws. This is shown in the widespread acceptance of tribal casinos, thousands of blackjack tables and bingo halls all over the state.