A Complete Overview of Online Gambling in Vermont

Vermont’s history with gambling can be described as ‘brief’ and ‘bleak.’ This state has consistently refused to join in on the fun and allows no gambling except for charities, and even that is very limited. The Green Mountain State had made all types of gambling illegal in its first constitution and that remained unchanged until 1960, when a popular referendum allowed for pari-mutuel betting on horse races. This worked for just under 50 years, as the last racetrack in Vermont shut down in 2008, making the law useless.

In 1976, in the midst of lottery legalization in the United States, Vermont had another referendum to ask its citizenry if lotteries would be legalized for charity, and the result was put into law in 1978. While it may look like there was a small loosening of the state’s grip over gambling, as they created the state lottery and allowed draws to begin, they also regulated it heavily and inserted a clause that a second validation was required two years later. This was given and the lottery exists to this day. In 1998, the state diverted all of the lotteries’ funds towards education instead of charity. Today, you can buy lottery tickets online for both the intra-state lottery and inter-state lotteries.

The people of Vermont cannot access any casinos because they don’t have any in the state, but not for lack of trying. In 2011, there was an attempt to legalize a state casino but it failed. Therefore, there are no casinos or tribal casinos in Vermont. The state has zero poker rooms, racetracks or gambling establishments of any kind. They do, however, have charity bingo which is allowed to run raffles, pull-tab games or draws for charity, with the prizes limited to a total of $20,000 per night.

In regard to online gambling, there are very few options, but at least they exist. You can gamble on daily fantasy sports as they were legalized in 2016, when the state gave licenses to Draft Kings, Fan Duel and several other operators who stayed in the state even after being declared illegal by the previous governor. Also, you can bet on horse races in other states at licensed betting establishments. Online gambling of any other type is illegal, including online casinos and live online poker.

Vermont Gambling Overview:

  • Year Vermont regulated offline and online gambling: 1960 for offline gambling, online gambling is unregulated but illegal.
  • Vermont gambling age: 18
  • Legal online casino games in Vermont: N/A
  • Number of commercial casinos: 0
  • Number of tribal casinos: 0
  • Top online casinos Vermont-wide:

Gambling in Vermont: What’s Legal?

Very little is legal when it comes to Vermont gambling. You can participate in charity bingo games, raffles and pull-tabs, you can play daily fantasy sports or you can buy lottery tickets and scratch-offs. The charities can sometimes run poker games, but this is on a case-by-case basis. Social gambling isn’t carved out in the law so you will need to be careful with that too. Casinos and tribal casinos are illegal and non-existent in the state.

Online Casinos in Vermont: What You Should Know

Vermont is one of the most hard line states regarding gambling, so there is very little to do in this state gambling-wise. You can always cross into New York to enjoy some gambling, or one of the other states in the region.

Are Vermont Online Casinos Legal for Non-Vermont Residents?

  • There are no legal online casinos in Vermont.

What types of games do Vermont online casinos have available?

  • N/A

Can I play online casino in Vermont if I don’t live there?

  • N/A

Do offshore online casinos operate in Vermont?

  • Yes, but you may get in trouble for playing there.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino in Vermont

As there are no casinos of any type in Vermont, you cannot choose one. If you want to gamble, you’ll simply have to drive into New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware where you can find both online gambling and online casinos perfectly legally.

The Bottom Line on Vermont Online Gambling

Vermont has been very consistent about its attitude on gambling. This state has kept the activity banned for centuries and it’s not about to cut it loose. It will be a long time before we see any legal gambling in the state, whether it’s in the form of casinos, online gambling or even high-stakes bingo halls!