A Complete Overview of Online Gambling in Wyoming

Wyoming has maintained an anti-gambling attitude since the first laws were put into effect and it became a state. Over the past six decades, certain laws have been changed or new bills have been put into place, which allows for some types of gambling to be conducted legally. Let’s dive into the history of Wisconsin gambling.

The first challenge to the status quo came in 1967, when pari-mutuel betting was allowed to take place. However, by 2010 this industry died out and there were no horse races for several years, until a few racetracks reopened, allowed simulcast betting through multiple betting parlors. Also, video racing machines proved quite popular at the tracks. These machines would play an unmarked race that had been recorded previously but didn’t mark the names of the horses or riders.

In 1989, the Federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act was accepted into law but Wyoming had no plan to negotiate with the Native American tribes. This led to a decade-long legal battle which eventually granted the tribes their victory, allowing them to open casinos on their lands. In 2005, the Arapaho tribe got the license for a class 3 casino, and a year later two more tribes joined in. Finally, in 2013, Wyoming created a state lottery which sells intra-state draws, Mega Millions and Powerball tickets but refuses to sell scratch-offs because they provide ‘instant gratification’.

Online gambling is considered illegal in Wyoming except for two instances – off-track betting on horse races and daily fantasy sports, which haven’t been made illegal. Online casinos and live online poker games are illegal.

Wyoming Gambling Overview:

  • Year Wyoming regulated offline and online gambling: 2005 for offline gambling, online gambling remains unregulated but illegal.
  • Wyoming gambling age: 18
  • Legal online casino games in Wyoming: N/A
  • Number of commercial casinos: 0
  • Number of tribal casinos: 3
  • Top online casinos Wyoming-wide:

Gambling in Wyoming: What’s Legal?

Wyoming has very specific laws about what’s legal and what is not. Commercial casinos, sports betting and high-stakes social games are illegal, as are scratch-offs, high-stakes bingo halls or commercial slot parlors. Wisconsinites only allow the three tribal casinos to exist because the federal government forced them into it and their main, home-grown gambling industry is pari-mutuel betting on horse races. There is no smoking ban in the tribal casinos in Wyoming. If you live in Wyoming or you want to visit, here are the three available casinos:

Name Address Opening Hours Games Dress Code Phone Number Website
Wind River Casino – Riverton 10269 WY-789 24/7 Over 800 machines, table games No dress code 866 657 1604 www.windriverhotelcasino.com
Shoshone Rose Casino – Lander 5690 US Highway 287 24/7 Over 330 machines, table games No dress code (307) 206-7000 shoshonerose.com
Little Wind Casino – Ethete 685 WY-132 24/7 Over 180 slots, table games No Dress Code 866 657 1604 www.windriverhotelcasino.com

Online Casinos in Wyoming: What You Should Know

There are no online casinos in Wyoming but there are some weird laws about their offline casinos as well. For example, craps and roulette are illegal while all other games are legal. Poker is illegal on charity casino nights.

Are Wyoming Online Casinos Legal for Non-Wyoming Residents?

  • There are no online casinos in Wyoming.

What types of games do Wyoming online casinos have available?

  • N/A

Can I play online casino in Wyoming if I don’t live there?

  • N/A

Do offshore online casinos operate in Wyoming?

  • Yes

How to Choose the Best Online Casino in Wyoming

If you want to gamble, there are options in Wyoming. However, if you want to gamble online aside from daily fantasy sports and betting on horse races, you’ll have to either go somewhere else or wait for Wyoming to legalize live online casinos. You may want to try the more online gambling-friendly states such as New Jersey, Delaware or Pennsylvania.

The Bottom Line on Wyoming Online Gambling

Wyoming has a unique knack for gambling and has always had at least something to hold on to, and right now, that something is the number of tribal casinos. They keep revenue in the state and satisfy the gambling needs of a very small population with just over a thousand slot machines and a few poker tables. Precisely because of this, Wyoming are not at the forefront of online gambling legalization.